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Pipeline Hydraulics 1

The BASIC guides deliver the bare-bones of a subject in bite-sized chunks.  If you need to get a good understanding of the basics of pipeline hydraulic engineering problems as quickly as possible then this book is for you.
By studying Pipeline Hydraulics 1 you will be able to solve problems relating to flow through pipelines, flow between reservoirs and the estimation of pipe friction factors.  This guide will give you the basic theory and illustrate it through worked examples.  You can then further cement that understanding by working through a series of self-study questions.  By the end you be able to apply the Continuity equation, Energy / Bernoulli equation and the equations for estimating energy loss such as Darcy-Weisbach and Colebrook-White equations to solve a wide variety of engineering problems.
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Our BASIC guides are designed to give you the bare-bones of a subject in bite-sized chunks focusing on worked examples.
They  are prefect if you are studying for an exam but running out of time.

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